Fine Dining


Juices $ 4.5                                                                                                 Smoothies $ 6.5
Wake Up Thyme                                                                                             Watermelon & Mango
Carrot, Mango & Orange Booster                                                                  Almond and Banana
Pear, Orange and Ginger Reviver                                                                  Berry

Healthy Start - $ 7 Oats, apple, lemon juice, hazelnuts, cinnamon and yogurt topped with fresh blueberries
Thyme Parfait - $7 Layered - Yogurt, Fresh Berries, and Granola

Decadent Breakfasts $ 14                                                     Indulgent Breakfast $ 11
Asparagus with Poached Eggs and Parmesan Petals                                    Lemon-Thyme Loaf with Blueberry Compote and Goats
Smoked Salmon, Broccoli, and Poached Eggs                                                                                  Cheese
Traditional Eggs Benedict                                                                                Banana Bread with Strawberry Compote and
(Above Items served on Fresh Baked Vienna Bread)                                                               Mascarpone Cheese
Smoked Salmon, Feta and Dill Crepes                                                             French Toast stuffed with Fresh Berries & Whipped Cream
Bacon and Egg Mini Quiche Trio
Eggs Florentine
(All above dishes served with our fresh berries and Whipped cream)
Delicate Omelettes $ 13
Delicious Omelettes made with your favorite toppings:
Smoked Salmon - Bacon - Ham
Peppers - Broccoli - Asparagus - Tomatoes - Mushrooms - Spinach
Cheese - Cheddar, Thyme Blend, Goat's, Feta, Ricotta
Above served with fresh Melons
Traditional Breakfast $12
2 Eggs, (your way), Bacon or Ham or Sausage, Our signature Potatoes, and Toast