Fine Dining


                OPTION #1                                                                       OPTION #2                                                 OPTION #3
Freshly Baked Scones with Cream & Preserves           Scrambled Eggs OR Vegetable Frittata       Homemade French Crepes
Assorted Fresh Baked Loaves and Muffins                  Bacon or Ham or Sausage                           Decadent Vanilla Cream
Fruit Platter with Cream Cheese & Yogurt Dip            Fresh Crispy Hash browns                           Fresh In Season Berries
Assorted Fresh Chilled Juices                                        Light Airy English Muffins                             Bacon or Ham or Sausage
Freshly Brewed Coffee or Tea                                       Assorted Fresh Chilled Juices                      Assorted Fresh Chilled Juices
                                                                                       Freshly Brewed Coffee or Tea                      Freshly Brewed Coffee or Tea

         $ 10.95/person                                                    $ 11.95/person                                        $ 12.95/person