Fine Dining

Monday & Tuesday
       Hutspot - Creamy potatoes carrots, onions and Smoked Sausages topped with our THYME cheese blend, and served with a side salad.  The best of comfort food! 
Wednesday - Burger day
       Our Gouda Burger - Delicious in house made burger - this juicy flavorful burger will be topped with melted Gouda cheese!
Thursday - Pizza Thyme day
        Croquetten Pizza - Ground seasoned chicken in a creamy sauce, topped with Gouda cheese!  If you love croquetten, you will love this pizza!
Friday is always Fish Fridays at THYME
        Lekkerbek met Ravigotesaus - deep fried cod with a rich herb flavored sauce, served with our mushroom shaped potatoes.
 Saturday and Sunday
          Pannekoeken met Stroop - Delicious Dutch Pancakes, served with our Apple, Cinnamon and Raisin Syrup!  
         We offer all day breakfast on the weekends! 

                  THYME - French Inspired, fresh made cuisine.